We attend wedding fairs regularly where we meet a bride-to-be with her future husband, bridesmaids and mothers of the bride and groom.

One thing we are often asked is what tips or advice can we give when it comes to wedding wear. So, here at Zobi the 3 things we consider to be the most important are:

  1. Practice walking and dancing in your dress; how will you hold your train for the all important first dance and can you get out of a car and sit down comfortably in your dress? This applies to all the wedding party too!
  2. Be prepared! Pack a needle and white thread in case an emergency stitch is need.
  3. Enjoy your day, relax and take a moment for yourselves to stand back and take it all in. It goes by way too fast!

Emphasis is on making sure you are comfortable in your outfit so you can enjoy the day.