I was recently asked to speak on Shannonside FM about fashion trends and sustainably for the upcoming Spring Summer season.

I felt obliged as someone who works within the fashion industry to discuss the current epidemic that is fast fashion and the waste left behind because of it. I did some research so I could offer some easy tips for the listeners to hopefully consider the next time they shop for clothes. In the hope that if even one person can use them to buy clothing that isn’t so harmful to the environment.

Social media the past year has highlighted the detrimental effect our buying habits have had on the environment. And most recently the Australian fire crisis has once again brought to the worlds attention the damage we have caused this planet.

Now to get down to it, my top seven sustainably tips for the next time you shop are:

  1. Ask yourself, do I really need this piece of clothing?
  2. When am I going to wear it?
  3. Check the label and see what material is it made from.
  4. Materials to avoid: polyester, non-organic cotton, all fur (faux or real unless it is second hand real fur), leather and silk.
  5. Material to look for: organic cotton, linen, tweed, rPET, alpaca wool, natural bamboo and sustainable vegan leather.
  6. Shop second-hand.
  7. Up style or repurpose your current clothing to get more wear/use out of them.

A huge part of the problem is we all have to much stuff, make the conscious decision to look in your wardrobe and see what you already have and if you actually need any more clothing in there.

Zobi Fashion Design Consultancy | Tips to shop sustainably