Bespoke clothing means to get something custom made specific to the customers measurements and style preference. Zobi has a long history of making bespoke clothing, Ann who is head of production at Zobi has been designing and making clothes for over 30 years for women in Ireland and abroad.

It is important this tradition of bespoke design stays relevant in Ireland, for Zobi to educate women that they do not need to body shame themselves to wear an outfit to a special event. The clothes available in shops are mass produced to a standard sizing, each brand has a different sizing metric, hence why you are a 12 in one shop and a 14 in another. Bespoke means it is made to fit your body shape comfortably, this is how all your clothes should feel.

When we design an outfit we consider the occasion it is for and the customers personality and needs. At this stage the customer chooses their material and accessories. The next time we meet the customer they try on a toile (toile is an early version of a finished garment). More adjustments are made to this and then the chosen material is cut from the toile. It can take between 2-4 meetings with the customer to complete an outfit that will fit perfectly.

Zobi Fashion Design Consultancy | What is bespoke clothing?