We are facing a difficult time in society as the world stands to a halt at the attention of Covid 19.

This blog is not about the Coronavirus. This blog is to focus on the positive things we can do while we avoid public spaces and group interactions.

This is what I plan to do with the extra time at home:

  • Do some home workouts (maybe not, we shall see…)
  • Try out some new recipes (more likely than the workouts, Durrow Mills Sprouted Flour makes the best brownies)
  • Tidy my bed room & car
  • Self-care: face masks (no fear of the neighbours popping by mid mask & having to explain the benefits of looking ridiculous for 10 minutes), reading and some journaling
  • Yoga: YouTube is a great place to find at home yoga videos
  • Spend time with family (as if we don’t see each other enough, “Hi mom”)

For work I plan to do the boring jobs I tend to avoid:

  • Assure clients they can postpone appointments to a later date (nearly done ladies I’ll be in contact soon)
  • Organise summer workshops
  • Organise our receipts & accounts (future Aine will be so proud, if I actually do this)
  • Tidy the studio
  • Research sustainable material suppliers (I have one so far, that we order from, but I want to continues to expand our range)
  • Create social media content
  • Write more blogs
  • Annoy our web developer for a site update coming soon… (heads up Homebird Design)
  • Design & make new outfits for summer events

I hope this blog encourages someone to make a list of positive and useful actions they can do in their time off work. It can be easy to get sucked into the media frenzy but this may not be healthy for our mental state. Keep safe and look after each other, I am off to make some Durrow Mill brownies…

Zobi Coronavirus Action Plan | Zobi Fashion Design Consultancy