How would you feel if you met your accountant for a meeting and they were wearing a hoody, leggings or tracksuits bottoms and the BIG Nike shoes (you know the ones)? Not too confident in receiving financial advice off them? I wouldn’t be either.

Notice how it is difficult to relax in your home when you are wearing the clothes you wore to work that day? Or when you put gym gear on it can be almost easier to motivate yourself to go to the gym? Let me introduce you to Enclothed Cognition. Enclothed Cognition is the term used to describe the psychological effect dressing can have on our mental state.

A well-fitted suit can be a confidence uniform that sets you up for an important day and gives you a mental shot of professionalism and courage. For me this is my red ‘Power Suit’, I wear this when I have an important pitch to present or meeting to attend. It makes me feel organised and confident, even if I am terrified with nerves.

Colour can also affect your mood. It is said that people who experience regular anxiety often choose to wear neutrals; beige, grey and sand because of the calming effects of these colours. Sometimes we unconsciously dress to reflect our mood, just be wary that although you may have woken up sad and put on an all-black outfit by lunchtime your mood has hopefully been uplifted and the all Darth Vader look isn’t so comforting then.

Changing the way you dress can change the way you feel. If you are feeling particularly low have a root through your wardrobe and see what clothes might enhance your mood, lay it out for the next day and wake up not having to decide what to put on, it is ready and so are you. Remember to add tactile comfort when you need some self-care, this isn’t the day to wear your tightest pants perhaps a comfy jumper and your favourite jeans are just what you need.

Play around with the clothes you have and see if you can consciously improve your mood through the clothes you wear.

The Power of Clothes | Zobi Fashion Design Consultancy