Sewing is a language in itself, spoken in every corner of the world. It embraces all ages, abilities, cultures and genders. During this time of isolation, it is a useful hobby to pick up. Sewing has many benefits mentally and physically.

For me, sewing had a huge impact on my mental health after working in a stressful company environment. To make something from start to finish and see someone enjoy wearing it is extremely rewarding.

Some of the benefits of sewing I have experienced:

  • Away from my smart devices: I am guilty as charged for spending way too much time on my phone or laptop for work, obsessing over what content to create to increase our reach. Sewing allows me to realise some perspective on the hole social media charade, which can become consuming.
  • Some me-time: I mainly sew alone or with Ann, the studio we have created is my creative hub. It is so healthy to enjoy spending time by yourself. I truly recommend getting to know yourself through a hobby.
  • Creativity: start with an idea, sketch it out and then get sewing!
  • Group sewing: I have enjoyed running the Sewing Academy to share the creative space we have made and introduce like-minded people who have developed friendships through their love of sewing.
  • Sense of Accomplishment: There are few feelings similar to that of completing a sewing project you have worked hard on. Which is also incredible for our mental health to achieve personal goals.
  • “Sewing is my Therapy”: I have often heard women saying this during our classes. For most women, it is extremely difficult to get some alone time. Booking into a class or workshop can be a brilliant way to learn a new skill, socialise and honour that time to yourself.
Sewing for the Mind | Zobi Fashion Design Consultancy