Why We Shouldn’t Congratulate Weight Loss

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Hands up, I am guilty as charged for commenting on my weight fluctuating and feeling a sense of some weird achievement if my clothes feel slightly looser. (more…)

Social Media Brave

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Are we getting braver on social media since the lockdown? I think I have anyway and even managed to get Ann to take part in some Instagram stories, which for a lady that did not grow up around smartphones is a big deal. (more…)

Not Another Alteration

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It was a dull November morning as I stood back and watched another lady stand in front of our studio mirror, pulling and poking at a Christmas party dress she bought online. (more…)

Fashion with a Chronic Illness

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Fashion with a Chronic Illness

Comfort is key when designing and dressing fashion with a chronic illness. Everyone has different needs and it depends on the illness. What we have learned through working with ladies suffering from a chronic illness is that comfort and functionality is essential. (more…)

Sewing for the Mind

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Sewing is a language in itself, spoken in every corner of the world. It embraces all ages, abilities, cultures and genders. During this time of isolation, it is a useful hobby to pick up. Sewing has many benefits mentally and physically. (more…)

The Power of Clothes

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How would you feel if you met your accountant for a meeting and they were wearing a hoody, leggings or tracksuits bottoms and the BIG Nike shoes (you know the ones)? Not too confident in receiving financial advice off them? I wouldn’t be either. (more…)

Why you can’t find clothes that fit?

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Clothes are made to fit miniature odd-shaped people. That’s why. Joking… you would nearly believe this in some cases. (more…)


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