An initial consultation meeting is required to discuss the concept/collection in the Zobi Studio. During this in-depth consultation with our team, we will analyse your design concept, describe in detail the production process (as this varies from design to design) and determine the next steps to the production stage. At this time, we discuss everything from the chosen size rage to material selection.



Our staff are very experienced in pattern drafting. We can also work from designer’s own pattern should it be required. Approximate prices per piece (complex design will change the price):

Tops from €30
Tailoring (dress, skirt, trouser) from €45
Outerwear (jacket) from €65
Evening, bridal from €85
Shirts, blouses from €40


1st Prototype/ Toile

A toile is the first sample made in cheaper, cost effective, fabric. This is an important part of the process used to define the style and shape of the garment accurately before making it in the correct fabric.


Fully developed designs – detailed sketches

Fabric type outlined – or swatches

Chosen size range for the target market

Tech Packs (if possible)

Time lines- be realistic about the timeline, allow 2 months for sample development. 3 months for fabric, trim and thread sourcing to delivery and allow 3 months from sample approval to bulk orders production.

Zobi has fabric options available also if necessary – 2 month lead time

*Note:  if designer is sourcing their own fabric, please ensure delivery to the Studio is on schedule with the sample production timeline.



Made in the chosen fabric and sample size.

Approximate production cost:

Tops from €40
Shirts from €80
Tailoring from €120
Outerwear (jacket) from €150
Evening and bridal from €250

At this stage the production cost of each piece can be determined – from 3 per size per style.

After sample approval the bulk production orders can begin from 3 pieces per size per style, less than this are priced as bespoke pieces.


What our clients have to say about us

Zobi Fashion Design Consultancy | Eddie Shanahan

Ann & Aine O’Reilly are passionate and professional about the service they provide at Zobi. Zobi provides a wealth of experience and ‘know how’ to support Irish designers in developing their collections from initial sampling through to collection production.” 

Eddie Shanahan 
Fashion Retail Consultant

Zobi Fashion Design Consultancy | Aoife Mullane

“It is important for me, as an Irish designer, to keep as much of my design process on home soil, working with such a skilled team at Zobi is such a pleasure. The craftspeople I choose to work with, represent me and my brand so it is super important every last stitch and detail is created perfectly – I am always so happy with their finish.” 

Aoife Mullane

Zobi Fashion Design Consultancy | Siobhan Quinn

“BallyBoy design creates luxury outerwear for women using the finest quality wool tweeds and silks. Ann has been fundamental in bringing my prototypes into production with the high end, hand crafted finish I require. She is an exemplary partner to work with in every way. Her exceptional technical skills and industry knowledge and experience are a rarely found and she and Aine are a pleasure to work with.”  

Siobhan Quinn
Ballyboy Design

Zobi Fashion Design Consultancy | Bernie Murphy

In recent times it was great to have the back up of such a professional service at Zobi who have a clear and excellent understanding of the design process. It’s an asset for Irish designers to have the tailored support of such a professional service based here in Ireland.” 

Bernie Murphy



10:00 am ~ 5:00 pm


10:00 am ~ 4.00 pm